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The Xylophone Rags of George Hamilton Green
(excerpted from Eyles)
Facts about George Hamilton Green, Jr.
Some of his many famous rags

(excerpted from Eyles) Discography
Nexus Ragtime Concert
Bob Becker, xylophone soloist
"Nexus" marimba accompaniment
Umbrella Special Limited Edition
Nimbus 9 Productions Limited, Toronto Canada
Recorded 1977

Dave Mancini, xylophone soloist
"Eastman Marimba Band" accompaniment
Mercury Golden Imports SRI
Catalog number 75108
Recorded July 24, 1976

Masters of the Xylophone
XMC 001
Xylophonia Music Co.

Mallet specifications for playing Green's works

Characterisitcs of the music (in general)