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                                         Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Brandon L. Haskett


Establish Goal

To gain speed in fixing section problems so that the rest of the ensemble does not get off task


Develop a sequential plan of action


  1. Research materials on handling sections and then read and summerize several of the more helpful articles
  2. Interview Prof. Woodley, Prof. Baker, and Prof England about how they deal with sections while keeping the ensemble focused

(I chose these three professors due to their wide range of experiences)

  1. Observe K-12 classes around the area and observe their actions when dealing with 

      a specific section

  1. Attempt to recollect how band directors have dealt with sections in my ensembles

      as well as ensembles that I have helped instruct


Identify resources needed


1.      MENC and Instrumentalist journals

2.      Teachers listed above to interview

3.      Music classes to observe


Plan of assessment


1.      Submit summaries of printed materials to Dr. May for evaluation

2.      Ask Prof. England specific things within my printed material that would be specifically helpful for percussionists

3.      Discuss interviews and observation reports with Dr. May

4.      Present cohesive findings in one page report to class


Establish a time line


            Sept 22-Submit completed PDP

            Sept 29-Start research

            Oct 6- Set up interviews and observations

            Oct 25-Submit summaries of printed materials

            Oct 26-Discuss percussion related specifics with Prof. England

            Nov 5-Meet with Dr. May to discuss interview and observation reports

            Nov. 17-Present synthesis report to class