Hi, my name is Brandon Haskett and I am the author of this page. My page will contain information on myself, my resume, links to percussion websites, music education resources, and a wealth of other information. I also have created a sizable link system to many audio clips of drumcorps off of my sub-page Drumcorp resources. While browsing my page, if you have any questions or comments, then e-mail me by clicking here or on the envelope on my homepage console at the top. Thanks for visiting the MUSIC EDUCATION and PERCUSSION MECCA!

Artist's Sites:
Kenny Aronoff
Alessandra Belloni
John Bergamo
Bill Bruford
Will Calhoun
Dennis Chambers
Billy Cobham
Virgil Donati
Sheila E
Dom Famularo
Steve Gadd
Mickey Hart
Tommy Igoe
Gary Marshall
Dave Mattacks
Carl Palmer
Alex Pertout
Layne Redmond
Walfredo Reyes, Jr.
N. Scott Robinson
Chuck Silverman
J.B. Smith
Stave Smith
Mark Sunkett
Glen Velez
Nancy Zeltsman

As we all know web pages are always under renovation and mine is really always under renovation. Since I am an educator, I will only update this page as time allows. Hopefully soon there will be a new section of classical and world percussion links and handouts of information.

I will be adding more links as well as pictures (who knows?). I will be constantly trying to improve my website by making it more interesting for even a mild percussion fan. Please come back and visit many things will be added in the next two weeks. Please visit again!

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