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Information in this page is broken up into four sections: Books, Magazines, Electronic Media and Articles/Research Papers. Where possible the entry is listed by artist in alphabetical order. When that is not possible, the entry is listed by title. English translations of Japanese titles are presented in (parenthesis), Rolling Thunder editorial comment is in [brackets].

Books by Author:

A and A, ed.
Wadaiko: Miyuki Ikeda + Koichi Inakoshi
Japan: Kawade Shobou Shinsha, 1995. 135 pages.
ISBN: 4-309-26247-3

Photo album highlighting Miyuki Ikeda of Hono Daiko. Several essays by various authors in Japanese and English.

Asano Taiko Co., ed.
Wadaiko ga Wakaru Hon
Japan: Asano Taiko, 1995. 45 pages. In Japanese.
ISBN: 4-915665-42-9

Small book explaining the many different taiko Drums and associated instruments.

Coutts-Smith, Mark
Children of the Drum
Hong Kong: Lightworks Press, 1997. 156 pages.
ISBN: 962-8233-01-7 [casebound]
ISBN: 962-8233-02-5 [paperback]

A photo album of Coutes-Smith's beautiful images of Kodo at work and play. The images were taken while Coutts-Smith was a member of Kodo's staff. There also is another English language edition available in England that has fewer photographs.

Harich-Schneider, Eta
A History of Japanese Music

This title is out of print.

Hayashi, Eitetsu.
Ashita No Taiko Uchi E (To Tommorow's Taiko Players).
Japan: Shobunsa, 1992. 259 pages. In Japanese.
ISBN: 4-7949-6098-0

Hayashi, Eitetsu.
Portrait of Hayashi Eitetsu
Tokyo: Eitetsu Taiko no Kai, 1998. In Japanese.

A book of photos highlighting Eitetsu.

Leonard C. Holvik,Jackson H. Bailey
Japanese Music: Another Tradition, Other Sounds
Publisher: Earlham College Press
Pub. Date: January 1990
Format: Paperback, 26pp.
ISBN: 096199777X

Inoue, Ryohei
Taiko no bi-to ni miserarete (Enchanted by the Taiko Beat)
Tokyo: Ongaku Shuppansha. 1999. In Japanese.
ISBN: 4-900340-25-1

Inoue, Ryohei
Taiko Hyoryuki (Taiko Drifting Journal).
Tokyo: Seikyu-sha. 1997. In Japanese.
ISBN: 4-7872-7074-5

Inoue, Ryohei
Ondekoza, Amerika wo Hashiru (Ondekoza, Run Through America - Diary of a 15,000km trip).
Tokyo: Seikyu-sha. 1996. In Japanese.
ISBN: 4-7872-7059-1

James, J. Alison
The Drums of Noto Hanto
DK Publishing, Inc. 1999.

A children's book (with illustrations by Tsukushi) telling the story of Gojinjo-daiko.

Kodo Scrapbook
Self Published. 1997; 1998; 1999.
In Japanese.

A yearly scrapbook of Kodo's activities. Includes profiles of the players and photos of the year's events.

Malm, W.P.
Japanese Music and Musical Instruments.
C.E. Tuttle Co. 1959.
ISBN 0-8048-1648-4

This title is out of print.

Malm, W.P.
Music Cultures of the Pacific, the Near East, and Asia
Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1977.
ISBN 0-13-608000-6

Malm, W.P.
Greenwood Publishing Group. 1973.
ISBN: 0837169003

This title is out of print.

Malm, W.P.
Six Hidden views of Japanese Music
University of California Press. 1984.
ISBN 0-520-05045-2

There is a companion 60 minute cassete tape with musical examples from the book also available from the publisher. ISBN 0-520-05727-9.

Markus, Peter
Taiko Do: Der Trommelweg (The Way of the Taiko).
Engerda: Arun, 1996. In German.
ISBN: 3-927940-25-9

Morita, Toshiro
Za Taiko: Morita Toshiro Shashin Shu (The Taiko: The Photos of Toshiro Morita)
Tokyo: Ootsuki Shoten. 1989. In Japanese.
ISBN: 4-272-61008-2

Morita documents the great variety of Japanese Taiko groups in this album. His photography captures the style and energy of taiko beautifully, and it is very informative to see so many different styles of taiko represented. Mr. Nishitsunoi, of the Japan National Theater, writes commentary on the various taiko styles pictured.

Oguchi, Daihachi
Tenko : Oguchi Daihachi no Nihon Taiko Ron (Heavenly Taiko: Daihachi Oguchi's Japanese Taiko Philosophy).
Nagano: Ginga Shobo. Showa 62 [1987]. In Japanese.

Daihachi Oguchi is considered a "living cultural treasure" in Japan, and is leader of the influential Osuwa Daiko. Oguchi is widely regarded to have created the modern kumi-daiko (ensemble taiko) style of playing.

Oguchi, Daihachi
Nihon No Taiko (Drums of Japan).
Nagano: Osuwa Gakuen. Heisei 6 [1994]. In Japanese.

Basic introduction to playing in the Osuwa style. Includes history, playing techiniques and other general info.

Piggott, Sir Francis
The Music and Musical Instruments of Japan.

This title is out of print.
Taiko Center, ed.
Wadaiko Nyuumon (Introduction to Taiko)
Kyoto: Taiko Center. 1992. In Japanese.
Distributed by the Taiko Center.
56 Katsura Chiyohara Nishikyo-ku
Kyoto City, 615 Japan
Tel: 075 392 6975
Fax: 075 392 6978

Basic introduction to Taiko playing. Includes warm-up excersizes, stances, basic rhythms and other general info. There is a companion English language video available through Rolling Thunder.

Kan, Toko
Textbook for Japanese Taiko Basic Theory and Practice
Distributed by Asano Taiko Shop. In Japanese.
Fukudome, Matto City
Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone: 0762 771277
Fax: 0762 7728

Yuuki, Emi
Ondekoza's Run Across the U.S.A.- My Youthful Days, America 15,000Km
Tokyo: Popura-sha, 1995. In Japanese.


Taikology In Japanese.
Fukudome, Matto City
Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone: 0762 771277
Fax: 0762 7728

Taikology is published roughly twice a year by Jyuugatsusha with support from the Asano Taiko Co. ltd.

Electronic Media

Taiko Resource, The. Rolling Thunder, David Leong, Ed. 1996-. Website (www.taiko.com/rollingthunder.html).

The Taiko. Parcwave, 1996. CD-ROM (mac/win).

Articles and Research Papers by Author

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Articles by Title

Nihon no Taiko no Bunrui Kaisetsu. Minzoku Geino, issue 11. Ongaku no Tomo Sha. 1990.

e 11. Ongaku no Tomo Sha. 1990.

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